“The name of Katie’s business captures the essence of what she offers to each of her patients perfectly- a balanced, thoughtful and integrative approach to living your best life (pain-free!). From the intake forms to treatment, it’s clear that she is passionate about caring for each person individually. Katie’s combination of yoga and physical therapy created a unique and effective session that left me feeling more physically confident. I did not even have any pain to begin with- Katie was still able to analyze my movement patterns and provide feedback that helped improve my own movement. If you’re looking for physical therapy that goes beyond the standard exercise routine, Katie is the perfect person to guide you.”

- Katelyn Parsons, CHHC 

"I am an active senior who still competes competitively in sports. Needs to say my parts break down more often than in younger years. Katie has been nothing short of magic for me with her sports medicine physical therapy. She helped me recover from back injuries, twisted ankles, inflamed joints, cartilage tears and more. She educates me to help the process, keeps me within safe limits, and knows how to set a program for full and fast recovery. She is also a delight to be with, upbeat and positive and just a flat our great healer. I would recommend her to anyone who has a sports-related injury and wants to get back in the game fully healed and is willing to put in the work with her.


L.K., patient