move safe yoga

a medically-informed yoga + physical therapy workshop series

You are active! Can’t go on a hike without Ibuprofen because your knees hurt? Are you golfing less because of elbow pain? Are you worried that the next wrong move while doing yard work is going to send you into back spasms?

This course is designed for you!  It’s not a yoga class or a stretching class. It’s Doctor of Physical Therapy guided and tailored towards safe movement for longevity. By the end, you will feel confident in your body and able to do the activities you love with less pain for years to come!

As with anything in life, the habits and work you do now will pay off contributing to your energy and strength in the long run.  


These workshops are designed for you if you:

  • Want to learn the safest methods to perform yoga poses for your unique body

  • Were told by your MD you should do yoga and want a safe place to start

  • Recovered from an injury or surgery and want to learn how yoga can keep you from getting sidelined again

  • Feel daily stiffness and soreness that you need to finally doing something about


Classes will include at least 75 minutes of guided yoga practice. Participants must be able to get up and down from the floor on their own, balance on 1 foot at a time in an open space and have a moderate to high level fitness base (if that is a question for you please email and inquire prior to registering). This class is appropriate for all yoga levels, including beginners. Participants will need to wear comfortable clothing for yoga, bring water and a yoga mat. Participants can bring a notebook to take notes or can shoot video of exercises on their mobile phone.


October 27th

Neck Pain Relief + Posture Police

Uncover the sources of neck pain and tension, learn breathwork for stress reduction, and address postural habits.  By using takes on familiar yoga poses, as well as non-yoga movement techniques. we will learn how to improve neck and back flexibility and strengthen the muscles that support the spine for ideal posture sitting, standing, and performing activities.

November 3rd

Empower the Core + Strong Arms & Shoulders

Discover the muscles that make up the core, bring awareness to habits that contribute to low back pain, and learn supported arm and shoulder poses to feel confident lifting and performing your favorite overhead sport.   Through a movement practice, you’ll create spine and shoulder strength that is able to handle whatever a yoga practice – or daily life – throws at it.  

November 10th

Free the Hips + Healthy Movement through the Knees

Determine stretches to address unique hip joint movement limitations, learn how healthy movement through the hips contributes to decreased strain on knee joints, practice safe leg strengthening poses that will help you walk, hike, bike and run with less stress on hip and knee joints.  

November 17th

Balance through the Feet + Injury Prevention

Find out how and why foot stability and balance set the foundation for injury prevention.  Learn the chain of movement that happens through our joints as soon as our feet hit the ground.  Practice yoga poses to address foot and ankle flexibility and strength. Leave having increased strength and confidence in your feet to carry you through all the activities you want to do.    


Sundays 2:00-4:00pm


Lorna Jane

1555 Camino Del Mar #112

Del Mar, CA 92014

*Guests will receive a 2 hour parking voucher for the Del Mar Plaza parking lot.


A yoga mat, water, and optional notebook with pen or pencil.   Wear comfortable clothes for exercise.


Move Safe Yoga is a series of organized, comprehensive, high quality exercise and education workshops. Class size is no more than 12 students. Participant questions and open discussion are valued and encouraged. Individualized feedback will be provided.

Space is limited!

Full Series (4 Classes) - $100.00 (best value!)

Drop In - $30.00

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